About Contec Group

Contec Group – ultra high performance concrete solutions

Contec Group is a market leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), established in 1993. Contec UHPC has extremely high ductility and strength with properties like steel. UHPC can be utilized for any purpose and can be tailored to optimize performance for any specific application. The combination of ductility, high density, and multipurpose workability, gives everyone involved freedom from traditional constraints of shapes and structures. The only limit is your imagination.

Close cooperation with partners

Our partners work with us on a practical and strategic level in a long-term basis. We have an open and transparent attitude, and we believe it is of high value for our partnerships. In close cooperation with our partners and customers, Contec can give consultancy on areas as design/build-up, approvals, areas of use etc. This brings our partners to a higher level and helps them gain new markets.

At Contec Group, we have a very close cooperation with our contracting partners, and it makes us second to none when it comes to delivering the right solution to customers around the world. We have our own concrete lab, which works closely together with our partners’ local lab and test institutions around the world.

Most of our partners are operating with our products within a special department. This is not a demand from our side, but we highly recommend this. Longtime experience has shown that partners get the best result by focusing on few, but important products. Gaining new successful markets are only possible, if the knowledge is high, and the results are good.

Contec Prefab – a part of Contec Group

Contec Prefab is a part of Contec Group. Since 2008, Contec Prefab has offered prefabricated elements in high performance concrete and terrazzo. Here you can get customized tabletops, sinks, interior solutions, tiles and staircases, just to mention a few things. Do you have a special project in mind, where concrete or terrazzo is the main element, Contec Prefab is the right company to contact.


The cement industry accounts for a large part of the world’s total CO2 emissions. That is why we at Contec Group have chosen to look back to ancient Rome for inspiration for an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional cement.

The result is our Viridi Cement.

Contec Coating

Contec Coating creates concrete surfaces with high quality, strength and flexibility.

You can create concrete surfaces on existing surfaces in the absolute best quality. Contec Coating is based on high-strength concrete, which gives a high final strength, and it can be used both indoors, outdoors and in wet rooms.

Contec Coating is perfect for DIY projects, and with its flexibility, it can be used in many different ways.

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