Monoconfalt – a fusion between asphalt and concrete

The choice is often very difficult. Should you choose a strong concrete that carries even the heaviest forklifts, or should you go for asphalt as a joint free solution, but with lower bearing capacity?

The patented MonoConfalt system combines the strength of cement-based materials with the flexibility of asphalt. The bitumen surrounding the aggregates in the system establishes the flexibility, whilst MonoConfalt mortar provides the strength and stability.

Contec Group has developed the semi-flexible MonoConfalt system, who has more than 30 years of experience in offering special solutions with high performance concrete.

High performance cement is the binder in MonoConfalt

MonoConfalt is based on use of a Contec cement binder that offers control of setting time, shrinkage control and a very low content of water. In this way, MonoConfalt mortar can achieve a density and strength of the binder that is more comparable to granite than to concrete.

Types of MonoConfalt

With the patented flooring system MonoConfalt, we can offer a solution to almost any thinkable situation. From industries needing a screed type of pavement to be able to handle the heaviest loads and wear conditions to projects asking for a beautiful and natural concrete floor.

Our screed type of MonoConfalt is well suited for areas, where the surface is exposed to very high contact loads or mechanical loads from trucks, forklifts or containers. MonoConfalt screed system being a versatile product have opened for installations in areas as architectural buildings, private housing, bus lanes, shopping centers and storage facilities.

The patented MonoConfalt is also available in a self-leveling system, where we have kept the high strength without worrying about tension in the material because of the semi-flexible properties. A high strength self-leveling material for architectural applications is an absolute rarity. MonoConfalt self-leveling system will be a natural choice in galleries, museums, concert halls, show rooms, residential, hotels and institutional buildings.


  • Perfect combination of strength and flexibility
  • Semi-flexible joint free flooring system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extended lifetime compared to traditional materials
  • Comfortable surface for daily use
  • Perfect suitable for high static loads
  • Does not generate harmful dust
  • Temperature stability from -50C° to +90C°
  • Freeze/thaw and de-icing resistant
  • Extremely dense microstructure with good chemical and wear resistance

Areas of use

MonoConfalt is an attractive choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. MonoConfalt is special because of its semi-flexibility, and because it is designed to be a building materiel with the best shrinkage properties. We offer MonoConfalt in both a screed and a self-leveling system in a variety of colours and with special design solutions, suitable for your project.

Where to use Monoconfalt:

  • Warehouses
  • Factory floors
  • Storage facilities
  • Architectural design buildings
  • Industrial surfaces
  • Bus lanes
  • Approach and exit roads