Strong, flexibel and joint free pavement

Many have the pleasure and benefit of using Confalt or MonoConfalt in daily use.

  • We have road cases, where Confalt replaces asphalt or standard concrete in high trafficking areas to be able to handle the raising traffic load.
  • Our partners are installing Confalt at bus stops to avoid rutting. In many of the cases, we color the Confalt to fit the city colors.
  • MonoConfalt is used in projects from renovation of a museum, shops demanding a floor beyond traditional flooring, and even private housing has had the MonoConfalt installed. MonoConfalt can offer a semi-flexible system with the mix of bitumen and HPC concrete avoiding joints.
  • Office buildings and public buildings are using the MonoConfalt free flowing system. The properties of the system are like the industrial known MonoConfalt.
  • In international airports, Confalt is used for taxiways, aprons, and flight hangars. The joint free fast-installing system is key to reduce costs and to secure a comfortable ride. The fatigue properties offered are much better than traditional solution and thereby more cost efficient.

Confalt combines flexible asphalt and the strength of concrete. It is joint free, and the installation time is short and effective. You have a large variety of coloring to choose from and its uniform structured surface creates a special, but also comfortable surface for use.

MonoConfalt is the perfect combination of strong high performance concrete and the flexibility of asphalt. The system comes in different varieties from traditional screed system to a self-levelling free flowing system. Monoconfalt is an attractive solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Durability is beyond any traditional concrete, long lifetime and low maintenance is part of a long list of advantages the system offers the builders and users.

You can get more information about MonoConfalt here.

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