Cost efficient and long-lasting solution

The Contop product line is without any compromise a cost efficient and long-lasting solution to many floor problems. During the last 30 years, Contec Group partners have used Contop in many different industrial areas. Contop has proven itself repeatedly to be the right solution in areas with high mechanical loads and less focus on looks.

Contop products consists of a group of Contec Group cement-based products that offers control of setting, shrinkage control and a very low amount of water. It provides the Contop series with properties comparable to granite and a dense ceramics surface character.

In our products, we combine cement, micro particles, and special additives in an extremely dense cement / binder. The result is ultimate concrete properties. One of the advantages is the ability to bond fiber reinforcement. Even small fibers are effectively being a part of the system and creating a significant higher ductility, which benefits the joint-free construction.


  • Compressive strength from 110 – 180 NN/mm2
  • Absolute freeze/thaw resistance
  • Extremely dense microstructure with good chemical and wear resistance
  • No complications with exposure of salt, oil and gasoline
  • Joint free
  • Low permeability
  • High wear resistance

Areas of use

  • Waste plants
  • Garages
  • Workshops of any kind
  • Concrete roads
  • Parking-areas
  • Special industrial areas and several others