Ferroplan – flooring

Ferroplan – the flowing granite

The function of an industrial floor or industrial pavement is of crucial importance for a company. Surface damage, cracks, broken joint edges, dust, etc. can result in an uncomfortable use and damage of transportation equipment.

Ferroplan is a flooring system based on a special Contec mortar combined with heavy reinforcement creating a unique joint-free fibre and web-reinforced thin topping that offers superior load capacity and durability. The system consists of high performance mortar and a mix of steel, polypropylene, glass fibres and steel reinforcement armour.

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The long lasting solution

It is ideal to use Ferroplan on areas where the base is polluted, demolished or just unable to carry the existing or future loads. This is typical areas where some of the wearing courses must be replaced within a couple of years. With the Ferroplan, you get a wearing course more long lasting than any other alternative.

Waste recycling centres, steel producers, large production manufacturers and several other industries have had benefits during the last many years from installing Ferroplan. The Ferroplan provides high tensile strength, high impact resistance and ductility, freeze/thaw resistant, joint-less surface, and many other advantages. The long lifetime on the wearing courses have proven it as a cost-efficient alternative to traditionally products.

With the development of the Ferroplan system, it has become possible to solve problems around the world. In Holland, the Ferroplan system has increased the service life of deteriorated highway bridges by a factor eight, and in South Africa, we have developed a system for overnight rehab of highway sections. Also highly stressed waste separations facilities have had their service life extended by factor ten, compared to traditional concrete.


  • Extreme high tensile strength compared to traditional concrete (15-80 N/mm²)
  • Very high impact resistance and ductility (E-modulus 55.000)
  • Particularly good resistance to chemicals and thermal strain
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • Adjustable in colour and strength to customer requirements
  • The joint-less surface prohibits damages on trucks, loads and loss of material
  • Improves working environment
  • Can be applied thin on even the weakest base
  • A high content of steel and fibres give a superior resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, acids etc.
  • Resists heated liquids or steam (up to 420° C.)
  • Meets a strength of 40-60 N/mm² within 24 hours
  • Final strength of 120 – 220 N/mm²

Areas of use

  • Cost efficient alternative where a weak base requires a change in both wearing course and bases
  • Distribution centres and storage facilities stressed by high loads, cracks and wear
  • Stressed production facilities
  • Roundabouts, way stations, and tracks for heavy traffic
  • Aprons and de-icing areas
  • Waste recycling centres
  • Container terminals
  • Mining areas
  • In general areas where the base is polluted or demolished