Industrial flooring and pavements

Contec Group offers various products for industrial flooring and pavements, for new building sites or rehabilitation. In the list below, we have listed many of the most popular applications and the related product. Which product that is best suited for a job, depends on the requirements for strength, bearing capacity and other parameters. It is important to know the conditions of the base for the floor or pavement, as a reinforced product could be our recommendation. Most of our customers would like to see the service time reduced to a minimum, which is an important reason for choosing Contec, while others could have a different need.

At Contec, we collaborate with local companies with a sustainable experience in these areas, and our own staff can be involved in creating the right local solution.

For your inspiration, we have listed some of the application areas, where we have been involved. If you do not find a business area that is close to your own business or problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Confalt, MonoConfalt and Ferroplan systems give the customers cost efficient proven solutions that can meet individual requirements on strength, density, bearing capacity and appearance. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor applications or for new build or rehabilitation, Contec Group offers a sustainable solution supported by highly experienced and dedicated local partners.

Warehouses and distribution centersXXX
Shopping centersXXX
Waste plants / recycling stationsXX
Industrial flooring (heavy duty)XX
Parking areasXXXX
Food processing industryXX
Storage facilitiesXXX
Architectural design buildings / design floorsXX
Rehabilitation (self-floating pavement)X
Bridge rehabilitationX
Bridges wearing course rehabXX
Harbours and container terminalsXXX
Heavy duty industrial pavementsXX
Bus lanesX

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