Bridges rehabilitation

When rehabilitating or re-strengthening infrastructure constructions like bridges, shut down time must be minimized due the immediately impact on the economic situation and the commercial and environmental consequences.

Cement-based thin toppings or overlays have several important advantages compared to other materials. The advantages come into play particularly in the case of industrial flooring and paving and in the rehabilitation of civil constructions. Thanks to recent developments in cement technology, there are now many renovation applications for cement-based toppings and ultra-thin overlays using high strength or ultra-high strength high performance concrete.

Many structures, especially when they are made in concrete, are deteriorated, under designed or damaged because of disasters like earthquakes, accidental overloading or material failures because of wear, tear, corrosion or erosion. Examples are for instance jetties and piles, especially when placed in or close to sea, columns, piers and abutments. Rehabilitating the structure with a concrete only, even when it is an HPC, applied in a thin layer by hand patch, casting in a formwork or shotcrete is not always sufficient. Strengthening of the construction or mechanical fixation can be necessary in combination with a high flexural strength and very dense concrete.

The Contec Ferroplan offers new solutions for durable rehabilitation of structures made in concrete or steel. Piles in aggressive seawater, spillways and inlets in dams, jetties with pile and deck damage etc. are rehabilitated with the Contec Ferroplan. The Contec Ferroplan can be combined with high strength fibres and reinforcement made from materials like for instance carbon, basalt, stainless steel, or high strength steel.

Contec Group has the knowledge, experience, and possibilities to develop tailor made solutions for specific problems related to deteriorated, under designed or damaged structures.

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