Secutec Ultra High-Performance Cementitious materials are used, during more than 25 years by leading manufacturers of ATM´s, safes, bank vaults and vault doors worldwide. The level of supply to the most important manufacturers makes Contec the main supplier of UHPC Binders to this business. Alongside with our partners we develop and optimize both the UHPC Concrete mixes as well as the design and reinforcing of the overall construction.

Secutec materials are mainly used in medium and high security level safes and vaults replacing concrete as well as sophisticated and more expensive filling materials. The purpose of using Secutec is to optimize the overall design and wall thickness and achieve the lowest cost of a specific classified Safe.

The considerable number of tests and experimental work made over the years, together with partners, at VdS- Germany, as well as other international test institutes, has given Contec substantial know-how in designing barriers from Secutec materials with a high degree of resistance towards tools like:

  • Mechanical tools like hammer, chisel, electro hammer, grinding disc etc.
  • Thermic tools like blow torch, the oxyarc and the thermic lance
  • Demolition by high explosives

For more information, please contact:

Michael Vogelius
Secutec products
(+45) 4073 2725

Bo Serwin
Managing director, cand.arch
(+45) 4018 5185

Dry-mix mortar as an additive

Building up a safety product for a safety class requires more than knowledge about concrete mortar and steel constructions. At Contec Group, we offer our expertise in armouring from our activities in road constructions, architectural buildings and thousands of square kilometers of industrial floor and special solutions.

Secutec Binder gives you the opportunity to mix and strengthen your mortar for your safes and other safety products to the strength you want.