Confalt – strong, flexible and joint free pavement

The time has passed where you had to choose between a concrete floor with high strength or the softer but joint less asphalt solution.

Confalt is a joint free wearing course / paving system, which combines the high strength from the cement based Confalt mortar with the flexibility from asphalt. This is achieved by placing an open graded asphalt with air voids of 25-30%, which is then filled with a high strength cement based Confalt mortar especially fabricated for this purpose. The mortar has a fast-setting time, which makes it possible to resume the use of industrial floors, roads, and other busy areas within 12-18 hours after application.

The Confalt mortar is shrinkage compensated to reduce the tendency to micro cracking in the surface and prevent cracking that could have a negative impact on the finished pavement.
Contec Group manufactures the binder for Confalt mortar in Denmark, and it is a proven and approved system in many countries, where our partners have a long experience on local solutions. It has a rougher surface structure than MonoConfalt.

High strength cement is the binder in Confalt

Confalt is based on use of a Contec cement based binder that offers control of setting time, shrinkage control and a very low content of water. In this way, Confalt mortar can achieve a density and strength of the binder that is more comparable to granite than to concrete.

Contec high strength binder is like microscopic ball bearings that fill the spaces between and lock the cement particles. By adding very low amount of water, shrinkage is minimized, and the surface gets a dense ceramic like character.

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  • Perfect combination of strength and flexibility
  • Joint free indoor and outdoor pavement
  • Extended lifetime on roads and outdoor areas compared to traditional asphalt
  • Comfortable surface for daily use
  • Perfect suitable for high static loads
  • Does not generate harmful dust
  • Temperature stability from -50C° to +90C°
  • Freeze/thaw and de-icing resistant
  • Extremely dense microstructure with good chemical and wear resistance

Areas of use

Confalt is especially suitable for use on roads with heavy traffic and heavy loads. Confalt is useful for both indoor and outdoor installations, and it has an anti-slip surface because of the structure of the surface.

Where to use Confalt:

  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial flooring
  • High-rack storage facilities
  • Container terminals
  • Airport aprons, taxi and runways
  • Bus stops and bus terminals
  • Parking decks
  • Bridges and heavily traffic areas e.g., roundabouts and intersections
  • Subbase for linoleum, epoxy and carpets
  • As rehabilitation of asphalt and concrete floors