Security products

For security products as safes, bank vaults and ATMs, only a very few companies can supply the manufacturers with the strongest binder for a mortar, that makes it possible to pass the requirements for approvals in the various safety classes und UL and ECB-S.

A mortar for e.g., a safe or ATM, is a combination of a special developed cementitious binder (Secutec Binder), strong aggregates, micro steel fibers and a minimum of water. Our Secutec Binder is an Ultra High Performance Reinforced Concrete (UHPRC) binder, mixed with various defined aggregates and locally poured into the manufacturers reinforced steel constructions. All recipes for the Secutec Binder mortar are chosen in corporation with our customers, who serve worldwide leading companies within safes, bank vaults, ATMs and strongrooms.

The steel construction and the reinforcements together with the mortar make or break it for an approval in a safety class. Contec Group has recipes that enable you to pass the test in most classes. If our standard recipes need to be customized to your constructions, we can offer you our assistance to develop cost efficient recipes to your product lines.

Often Contec Group is involved from the beginning to the end, where the constructions finally end up being tested at a certified test institute. Our CEO at Contec Group, Mr. Bo Serwin, has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is probably one of the persons with most knowledge and competence within mortar for the safety industry.

At our facility in Hoejbjerg, Denmark, we have comprehensive testing equipment that we use for quality assurance and for product development. In our daily life, we are eager to develop customized recipes, testing new aggregates, and finding a way to reduce our industry CO2 footprint as much as possible.

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